What conditions and repeating emotional patterns have dis-eased you for years?

Experience meaningful changes to your health & wellbeing with Biofield Tuning. Biofield Tuning is a non-medical therapeutic method that uses sound waves produced by tuning forks to UNBLOCK emotional, physical and spiritual disturbances that have remained present in the Biofield.

Pain  •   Anxiety  •   Anger  •   Fear/phobias   •   Adrenal stress  •   Digestive issues  •   Menstrual issues  •  Depression  •   Grief  •   Fibromyalgia  •    Addiction  •   Panic attacks  •   Vertigo  •   PTSD  •   Migraines/headaches  •   Restless leg syndrome   •   Concussion Recovery  •   Creativity blocks  •  Life traumas  •  Athletic blocks & injury traumas  •  Childhood traumas  •  And SO MUCH MORE

Biofield Tuning is contraindicated for the following conditions:

Pregnancy  •   Currently with Cancer or Terminal Illness  •   Pacemaker  •   Pain Stimulator Implants

Introduction to Tuning the Human Biofield

Here in this video, Eileen McKusick, Sound Therapy pioneer and author of Tuning the Human Biofield,
gives you a wonderful introduction into understanding the Human Biofield.

About Sharon….

I help clients UNBLOCK emotional, physical and spiritual disturbances that have remained present in the Biofield using Tuning Forks!  After having Biofield Tuning sessions, clients experience meaningful changes to their health and wellbeing.  I invite you to see life differently so you can live with a different perspective as you restore balance to your body.

I began my journey in alternative medicine 40+ years ago. I have always integrated holistic therapies into my own pursuit of good health.

In 2016 I followed my dream & passion to “formally” become certified in Biofield Tuning and Eden Energy Medicine (EEM), which focuses to restore vital energies that have become weak, disturbed or out of balance, promoting high level wellness and peak performance. I practice Biofield Tuning as a stand alone or integrated with EEM techniques. I love working with energy and I have been blessed to be trained under Eileen McKusick, becoming a certified, Level 4,  Biofield Tuning practitioner under her guidance. After having only one treatment, I was sold on Biofield Tuning and I knew the combination of both studies would be powerful!

I am located in Central Phoenix.  I work with clients in-person and remote (distance) sessions. I am available for Wellness retreats, where I offer Biofield Tuning as a unique & powerful treatment to retreat guests.

In-Office or Remote (Distance) Sessions

General information and Pricing

Call 480-544-5288 to schedule an appointment.


Before coming in for your first visit, I will ask that you fill out new patient paperwork that will be emailed to you upon setting up an appointment. The paperwork includes a patient profile, Biofield Tuning Disclaimer, and Detox Responses. This paperwork provides me with general information about you and your condition for your first treatment. Additionally, it informs you about what to expect after a treatment.


Come to your appointment well hydrated.  Wear comfortable clothing. Be open.  This is your time for “Intentional Healing” to take place.  Be patient with yourself.  You are unblocking thousands of years of outdated emotional, physical and spiritual disturbances.

Your First Appointment with Consult

Let’s chat!  This is a crucial aspect because it is through this consultation that you are offered the ability to express your condition in a way that lends insight on how we will be working together.

Each clients experience during our 90 minute session will be varied.  Biofield Tuning is an incredible tool that can help reduce pain and anxiety.  The tuning process can also help you resolve issues with trauma that are being stored in your body and your Biofield.

Our session will include scanning the biofield timeline and working on individual blockages.  Using sound and vibration to relax your unique Biofield disturbances, over the course of several sessions, we can achieve a “release” from the burdens that you carry.

ALL first time appointments are scheduled for 90 minutes.
Cost:  $125.

Call 480-544-5288 to schedule

Following your first appointment:
Single session 60 minutes –  Cost:  $100.
Additional 1/2 hour: $50./session

Call 480-544-5288 to schedule

Biofield Tuning 3 – 60 minute sessions

Amazing things can happen in a single Biofield Tuning session.  It is important however, to understand you will have layers that continue to get UNSTUCK.  If it is your intention to continue your journey toward health, I highly recommended you sign up for a package of 3 sessions for deeper healing with lasting results.
Cost: $270. ($90./session) paid in advance.
Additional 1/2 hour: $45./session
Call 480-544-5288 to schedule

Wellness Program 12 – 60 minute sessions

I believe in Wellness…”the quality or state of being in good health especially as an actively sought goal”.  With monthly tune ups we will accomplish just that.  You will experience the benefits of Biofield Tuning on a monthly basis as your needs for staying healthy change.  As the months go by, your biofield will be humming! Cost: $900. ($75./session) Must be used within one year of purchase.  Additional 1/2 hour:  $35/session
Call 480-544-5288 to schedule


We need to remember to take care of ourselves, both mentally and physically.

Biofield Tuning AZ offers in-person and remote client sessions.  As times are rapidly changing around us, I want to keep you all up to date as to where I currently stand. First and foremost, the health and safety of my clients is and always will be my top priority.

Please note: Masks will not be worn during an office session due to necessary breath work during the session.  If you prefer to attend your session via Zoom, that option is available to you.

During these times, I encourage you to integrate Biofield Tuning into maintaining your personal health and wellness in the comfort of your home if you are not feeling comfortable with office visits! Biofield Tuning distance sessions are a great solution for social distancing while continuing to support healthy habits. Please call me if you wish to schedule a distant session. 480-544-5288

I will also be doing remote group sessions via zoom!  Please join my mailing list so I can notify you as to the scheduled dates and times.  I look forward to growing and connecting deeply with each of you.

Stay calm, stay safe & healthy, but above all stay kind!




The amount of work that the forks and my body/field did with you facilitating – in that short amount of time is astounding to me. Read R. Eldan's full testimonial
R. Eldan (In-Office)Thank you, thank you, thank you!
When I first started working with Sharon, I was dealing with the diagnosis of Hoshimoto’s thyroiditis, chronic fatigue, EBV, gluten allergy and gastrointestinal issues that had been worsening over the years. Read J. Ricketts's full testimonial
J. Ricketts (In-Office & Remote)I am forever grateful for your help with my healing journey.
Layer by layer, I feel lighter and the depression has lifted. I have had 3 sessions with Sharon and plan on continuing. Thank you for finding those "disruptions" in my field that were bringing me down. The process is quite amazing.
L. James (In-Office)It's Working!
Thank you for sharing your Biofield Tuning skills with me. Wow! I must say I am NO LONGER skeptical about distance tuning. I will definitely sign up for the 3 sessions.
J. Wilks (Remote Tuning)My new favorite energy treatment
I learned about Biofield Tuning from the Gaia network-Open Minds. I watched an interview with Eileen McKusick. I was so excited to find Phoenix had a certified Biofield Practitioner. My first experience with Sharon was great. I'm impressed that my relationship with my daughter has changed just from clearing the Biofield. Looking forward to more treatments!
K. Downey (In-Office)So far so good.
I really appreciate your support with my healing - reclaiming my power and self worth!
L. Barrett (In-Office)Thank you Sharon!