3 Sessions of Biofield Tuning!

After the first tuning (left knee and Eden Energy Medicine bladder/kidney points) I felt
* more solid and yet lighter
* more harmonious and calm and centered
* better able to know me . – where I end and others begin –
* more energy 
* lost 5 lbs in 5 days without decreasing food intake; in fact possibly increased it?
* an undiagnosed constant pain in my bladder area was gone after the session and I could hold it longer and felt at peace with my need to pee – it was less frequent and more balanced – I could make it through longer periods of time without feeling like I had to run to the bathroom.

Second tuning (Right heart chakra and shushumna energy activation)
* during session, processed forgiving my older brother, and the incident of being left on a train platform- and later in the week when I texted him regarding vacation plans I couldn’t find any old triggers – they were just not there
* felt more detox and emotional stuff coming up but was able to notice, acknowledge and feel grounded in the midst of it and take good care of my energy body
* felt more ‘connected’ with everything and capable and supported (the shushumna energy activation had a profound effect on me and I felt like I was surrounded by water or in an ocean with the dolphins -and could breathe and swim or move forever with unbounded connected energy –     I have a very active imagination, but I also felt like I was connected to sea creatures, the ocean – the waves, the subtle submersion of all.  It’s hard to do it justice with words without sounding like I’m off my rocker – but I felt held and secure and free and almost like I knew what it was like to live underwater like in Atlantis… )   The effect this has had on daily life is  that I can access this deep peace and tranquility and knowledge of the natural, supportive flow – and this knowledge/memory strengthens my calm and clarity. 
* felt stronger – better able to see a thing or incident for what it is to me and say no if necessary – more ownership and clarity in decisions
* more solid on my legs- stable
* could hear myself more on the inside
* felt more patience gently pulling me upright instead of pushing forward  (slightly annoyed at the patience – because rushing forward and over thinking and justifying has been a way I’ve avoided feelings)
* breath is softer
* any anxiety after this session seemed like there was more of an edge to it – however it was not constant and so it was more noticeable, readable and I could ride through it and be aware of it like a wave instead of being consumed by it.

After the 3rd tuning: (Right knee & back Chakras)
* during the session, my hips kept spontaneously adjusting – it’s like it balanced out male and female or judgements I had made about career etc – and physically I do feel different when I walk – more ease on my feet and with my walking flow – I was having a hard time getting used to some minimalist footwear I enjoy walking in – I thought is was my feet – but since my hips adjusted I just feel freer walking – more like a child – easy
* at the end of the session when you held bladder points on the right side – I felt an incredible understanding and forgiveness and integration of career things that both my husband and my Dad had been through and it was a wonderful enlightening empowering and very healing few moments of clarity (this is huge because the intention was for working on my career stuff)
* I feel like before this session, I had several ‘parts’ of me or shadows of me or something that were constantly wanting to move in several directions at once and almost created a cartoon slow motion of several movements of me almost tugging away from me – hard to explain – but not coherent and solid — and after the session, I saw those parts pull back in to solid me and in peacefulness just rest and know that it will all be ok
* I feel more uplifted and super centered and confident – it’s very very ok to be me and be exactly where I am.  
* I have worked through some clutter in my home with more calmness and clarity than I thought possible, since usually it has involved so much grief and regret and shame to de-clutter that it has always been painful prior to now
* I have an incredible peace and confidence about my next career steps and the ability to move forward with understanding – it’s like the old baggage that I’ve tried to work through for so many years is just gone – I can’t find it! 
* some deep deep fear that I’ve had for as long as I can remember is just gone – I notice it mostly on the roads as I’ve always had an underlying panic and I can’t find that now.  Also in decisions around the house or with career – in the past I had a very very powerful fear vibration almost running the show but I never seemed to be able to ‘get at it’ to get rid of it.  It’s incredible to have that fear and underlying panic that I just lived with – gone.  I cannot find it.  My body isn’t running that program anymore and I’m so grateful.

The amount of work that the forks and my body/field did with you facilitating – in that short amount of time is astounding to me.  I’ll be curious to see what if any ripple effects there are with my parents and kids.  Your insight regarding ‘just a year’  and the effect of some beliefs on our many moves and my clarity in career was right on — and the words reverberated with me all week and that has been gently set aside in favor of more reasonable and positive beliefs and ways of moving through life, home and career transition.  I’m definitely more grounded. In my house this week after the tuning, I feel more confident, capable and at peace and prior to this – my homes have been a deep deep source of shame and disappointment and giving up for a long time – nothing I have done has been able to heal that until this tuning.  All of that baggage simply is not there.  Maybe that’s why my slow and peaceful de-cluttering is such a victory.  I feel able to move forward and have been able to gently and yet powerfully come to some decisions that I felt stuck with before 🙂

You have a wonderful spirit and skill with the process and I’m super thankful that I found you.  Thank you thank you thank you!

R. Eldan
May, 2019