How Biofield Tuning helped my Autoimmune disorder and intestinal distress

When I first started working with Sharon, I was dealing with the diagnosis of Hoshimoto’s thyroiditis, chronic fatigue, EBV, gluten allergy and gastrointestinal issues that had been worsening over the years. I previously worked at a hospital and for 14 years every primary doctor and neurologist just shrugged their shoulders and said, “nothing was wrong.” However, my symptoms were worsening. After trying western “allopathic” medicine, I had reached a breaking point. I chose to step away from my professional career to initiate deep healing full time. It was a huge shift from working 10-12-hour days to working on self-healing. Admittedly, I felt guilty. Invisible illness can be hard to manage for some, especially when others are unable to understand what you are going through. I took a job several months later, however, my symptoms had not resolved prior to this decision. After only two weeks I quit, feeling defeated and humiliated.

My intestines were keeping me up at night and I couldn’t shake the feeling of chronic fatigue. My sleep was suffering as I would go through episodes of awakening four or more times a night with painful diarrhea. I was doing all the right things; I had changed my diet and started a meditation program as studies indicate that stress is a large contributing factor to illness. Still, I did not find complete relief. A year had passed with trying to find solutions to my intestinal issues. The frequency of the intestinal distress and my thoughts intensified, unable to shut off. I was doing what I could to shift. I enrolled myself in an energy medicine program to help shift my energies a year prior. Although it was helping, I still had the recurrent symptoms of sleep deprivation and painful bowels. I knew I was on the right path and my desperation turned to determination and hope for answers. It was a tough journey as I had lost many friends who were healthy and able to do life “normally”; just the thought of going out on a bike ride took immense will power. Did I have the energy to go? What if I didn’t have enough energy to turn back? What would be a normal day to some, I would have to plan my day around how much energy I had available to disperse. During all this, I was seeing a Naturopathic physician on a regular basis and was prescribed gut rebuilding powders and enzymes to help break down food.

Nothing fully helped me completely until I started working with Sharon and working with Biofield Tuning. I entered this work with curiosity and openness, but not expecting to gain results quickly. Why would I expect things to turn around when I’d been dealing with this for so many years? Yet, I had to maintain an aspect of wonder and openness. I worked with her for four months, for a total of 6 sessions and every session felt like a milestone was met. The first session there was a lot of emotional release…revisiting where unresolved trauma came into play with my symptoms. I was totally blown away. My symptoms started to calm down and recede with the first two treatments; diarrhea four to five times a night went down to one episode a night. Subsequently, I was able to reclaim my sleep and really started to notice a difference in my healing after the sixth session. I kept record of every treatment session; how I felt before and after so that I could track my progress. I knew I was on to something when nothing else seemed to help break the cycle. I have now been enjoying uninterrupted sleep throughout the night, for the last three months! I never thought I would reclaim my sleep, but boy was I pleasantly wrong! Imagine not having deep REM restorative sleep for about 5 + years. I am truly amazed! Then another pleasant surprise occurred. Without changing what I had been doing, I started to lose weight, too. I had no clue that another side benefit would occur. If you haven’t tried Biofield Tuning sessions with Sharon, I highly recommend seeing her. She is a wonderful energy practitioner and has helped me tremendously to get my life back. Thank you so much Sharon! I am forever grateful for your help with my healing journey.
J. Ricketts
(Avondale, Arizona)